Vietnam Medals and Badges Awarded to U.S. and Foreign Military

Medals Awarded to All or Groups of Foreign Civilian or Foreign Military Personnel By the Republic of Vietnam Congress, January 1974 as per the Agreed Upon Cessation of Hostilities, following Ratification of the 1973 Peace Agreement.

The following information is in the public domain. It it not copyrighted. It may be retransmitted, distributed, published and disseminated. Webmasters may link to: Although all Vietnamese medals are fully authorized, only three medals can be worn on the U.S. military uniform and listed on the DD-214/DD-215. EXPLANATION.

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Administrative Service Medal Selected Admin Personnel Only B,C,D
AF Northern Expeditionary Medal Selected Air Force Personnel Only B,C,D
Air Service Medal
( Issue Regulations)
All AF Personnel
All NV, MC, AR, CG Air Service Personnel Only
Campaign Medal
(Issue Regulations)
All Personnel A,B,C,D
Chong My Medal Selected Personnel B,C,D
Civilian Service Medal C
Cross of Gallantry Medal
(Issue Regulations)
See also thecross.htm
All Personnel A,B ,C,D
Civil Actions Medal
(Issue Regulations)
All USN and USMC in-country personnel (No USN/USMC ship-based personnel unless specially awarded).
All USCG personnel.
Selected Army and Air Force Units or Personnel.
Honor Medal
(Issue Regulations)
Selected Personnel A, B,C,D
Life Saving Medal
( Issue Regulations)
Selected Personnel B,C,D
Medal of Sacrifice
( Issue Regulations))
All friends & family of deceased Personnel C
Meritorious Service
( Issue Regulations))
MSM and MUC recipients B,C,D
Naval Service
( Issue Regulations)
All Navy Personnel B,C,D
Psychological Warfare Medal
(Issue Regulations)
All PsyOps Personnel B,C,D
Technical Service
( Issue Regulations))
All Marine and Army Technical Service Personnel B,C,D
Veterans Medal All VSM Veterans Who Returned to Employment in Vietnam After Military Service C,D
Wound Medal
( (Issue Regulations))
All injured personnel
not limited to battle
(Issue Regulations)
Parachutist Badge (Basic)
( Issue Regulations)
Selected Army Airborne Unit Personnel Only B,C,D
Ranger Badge Selected Army Infantry Unit Personnel Only B,C,D
Navy SEAL Badge All USN SEAL Personnel B,C,D
Recon Badge Selected Army Personnel Only B,C,D
Pathfinder Medal
( (Issue Regulations))
Selected Army Personnel Only B,C,D

A. Active-Duty Class "A" uniform. Can be listed on the DD-214 or DD-215.
B. "Dress" Uniform
C. Civilian wear. (Miniature medals or ribbons of all listed above can be worn on civilian dress.)
D. Class "A" uniform worn by Honorably Discharged veterans.

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Explanation for U.S. Military Uniform Wear Restrictions
of Foreign Medals

Sect 1a. All medals issued by foreign governments to U.S. military personnel are legally authorized for personal ownership and display by American military personnel and veterans under U.S. and U.N. law.

Sect 2a. However, the Department of Defense may restrict wear of certain medals on the U.S. military uniform based on a particular medal's "competitive" status with a similar U.S. medal. For example, the Vietnam Wound Medal was not authorized for wear on the U.S. military uniform because it competes with the American Purple Heart medal. And the Vietnamese Air Service medal was similarly not authorized for U.S. miilitary wear because it competes with the U.S. Air Medal. In contrast, there is no U.S. military medal competing with the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Civil Actions or Campaign medals. Hence, these medals were authorized for wear on the U.S. military uniform prior to the January 1974 Edict.

Sect 3a. Due to the subsequent abolishment of the South Vietnamese government by the government of North Vietnam, no other Vietnamese medals issued under the January 1974 Edict could later be considered for wear on the U.S. military uniform.

For Info on Vietnamese Civil Action and Cross of Gallantry medals awarded to USN and USMC units please access The American War Library Unit Award Registry.

The Registry can be accessed using the secure software software obtainable from this website.

Upon accessing The Registry do this:

    1. Click "Unit Awards" (at the Main Menu)
    2. For VCARs, click "Vietnamese VCARs awarded to USN/USMC units)
    3. For VCOGs, click "Vietnamese VCARs awarded to USN/USMC units)

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