Co A44/36th Signal Bn, 1st Signal Bde
(Re-named 269th Signal Company in March 1970)

Bien Hoa Army Base, Vietnam - 1969/70

Phil Boucher and Richard Nordstrom

Elle Graham and Phil Boucher

Richard Rivard

IIICTZ ARVN compound
View toward Camp "Snake" Hosking, 5 SF

Bien Hoa City

Army base perimeter
View from bunker window

Co A44

Bien Hoa City
Structure is Tet 68 casualty

Elle Graham

Bien Hoa City

American enterprise

Area around microwave tower

Bien Hoa City


Phill Coleman

Bien Hoa perimeter
View from bunker window

View from hootch door

Phill Coleman

Willie Wilson

Name to be added soon

Stars and Stripes report, post-attact
Ron Williams (unshirted) and Allen Gustafson sort through debris

  • Page 1. Photos contributed by Phil Boucher, James Carr, Phill Coleman
  • Page 2. Photos contributed by Phil Boucher and James Carr
  • Page 3. Photos contributed by Phil Boucher and Phill Coleman
  • Page 4. Photos contributed by Ed Russo
  • Page 5. Photos contributed by Dave Coupe
  • Page 7. Photos contributed by Phill Coleman
  • Page 8. Photos contributed by Jeffrey Lauren
  • Page 9. Photos contributed by Andre Rivard
  • Page 10. Photos
  • Page 11. Photos
  • Page 12. Photos
  • Page 13. Photos
  • Page 14. Photos

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