Co A44/36th Signal Bn, 1st Signal Bde
(Re-named 269th Signal Company in March 1970)
Bien Hoa Army Base, Vietnam
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Company A-44. View towards 1st Cav compound

Phil Boucher

Jim Carr

Jim Carr today, with friends

Bunker #3

Curt Varner (?), Elle Graham, Darius Hollingshead

RTT "shack", III CTZ Hq, Bien Hoa

III Corps Tactical Zone, Allied compound, Bien Hoa

Co A44. View towards 6th Psyops compound

Comm tech living quarters

Chopper pad, IIICTZ

Stars & Stripes newspaper, dated June 13, 1970
Title reads: "Senate Limits Use Of Troops"
Photo shows two newly-promoted women brigadiers.

Guard tower, Army/Air Base perimeter.

Co A44, view toward 6th Psyops compound.

Chopper pad. IIICTZ

Army Base crossroad. Sign reads: "Speed Limits 5 MPH." and
"Personnel - 20th Engr Bde."

HQ, ARVN CG, American Liaison, IIICTZ

Co A44. Viewed during monsoon.

Resupply Chinook, IIICTZ.

Ascension Lara, seated. Dwight Sheehy standing on steps. Unk standing near door.

Phill Coleman (more photos) and Jim Carr

Phill Coleman (more photos). Phill Coleman portrait by Andre Rivard at US Army Base Bien Hoa, Vietnam 1970. "From a roll of Kodak Tri-x developed and printed at the 269th Signal Support camera club dark room. There was never enough time for me to utilize that facility, with our 12 hour work days at the Comm Center." -- Andre Rivard.

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  • Page 1. Photos contributed by Phil Boucher, James Carr, Phill Coleman
  • Page 2. Photos contributed by Phil Boucher and James Carr
  • Page 3. Photos contributed by Phil Boucher and Phill Coleman
  • Page 4. Photos contributed by Ed Russo
  • Page 5. Photos contributed by Dave Coupe
  • Page 7. Photos contributed by Phill Coleman
  • Page 8. Photos contributed by Jeffrey Lauren
  • Page 9. Photos contributed by Andre Rivard
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